Frank Vasquez

Frank Vasquez is a Senior Staff Firmware Engineer at Lunar Energy. He has over a decade of experience designing and building embedded Linux systems. During that time, he has shipped numerous devices including a rackmount DSP audio server, a diver-held sonar camcorder, and a consumer IoT hotspot. Before his career as an embedded Linux engineer, Frank was a database kernel developer at IBM where he worked on DB2. He lives in Silicon Valley.

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Runtime Package Management: When, Why & How
Frank Vasquez

Setting up an HTTP remote package server and pointing your target clients at it is easier than you might think. Python's built-in http.server module can be used to quickly serve up ipk package feeds from your Yocto build machine. I will demonstrate how to add the opkg package manager to a distro layer and configure the tool to download and install a newly-built package on demand.

Intermediate Track
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