Andrei Gherzan

Andrei has been embracing FOSS for almost 10 years now. During his professional life, the FOSS aspect was either rooted in his day-to-day work or handled as a separate thread, part of personal projects. He has been an OpenEmbedded member since Yocto's inception and played maintainer and contributor roles in various parts of the ecosystem.

When he doesn't type, he hikes, boardgames'es (yes, that is a verb) and tries to be a dad.

  • Case Study: Yocto / OpenEmbedded in All Scenarios OS
Anton Antonov

I'm a computer engineer in ARM with experience in networking, Linux administration and deployments and clouds.

  • Parsec - The Platform Abstraction For Security
Behan Webster
  • Introduction to the Yocto Project and Bitbake
Bruce Ashfield

Bruce has been working professionally with Linux since 2000, and a user since
1995. He currently works as a Principal Systems Engineer for Xilinx, spending
time as maintainer for the Yocto project reference kernel, meta-virtualization
and meta-cloud-service slayers. Although most of Bruce's effort is spent in the
kernel and virtualization, his experience ranges from build systems and shell
scripting, to userspace and graphics toolkits. Bruce has spoken at ELC in the
past, at internal conferences/showcases and technology presentations to smaller

  • Building and deploying containers with meta-virtualization: now & in the future
  • Gitlab CI for dummies
  • linux-yocto reference kernel maintenance and kernel workflows
Davide Ricci

Director of the Open Source Technology Center at Huawei, Davide has spent a 15+ years career in open source participating in initiatives such as the Yocto Project, Zephyr, ... and driving their adoption by key industry players and projects.

  • Case Study: Yocto / OpenEmbedded in All Scenarios OS
David Reyna
  • Welcome to Yocto Project Summit 2021 day #2
  • Welcome to Yocto Project Summit 2021 day #1
David Tischler

David spends a lot of time thinking about how technologies built for the Cloud are now leaving the Datacenter, and being implemented at the Edge and in small IoT devices. Developer Advocate at balena, Arm Innovator, and energy-efficient computing fan.

  • Yocto at Balena: Building ~70 Unique OS’es for IoT Devices
Dorinda Bassey

Former Outreachy Intern at The Yocto Project, having graduated from the University of Uyo Nigeria, with a B.Eng in Electrical Electronics Engineering. Always eager to learn new techniques and methodologies related to Software Engineering and Embedded systems.

  • Using debuginfod with The Yocto Project
Frank Vasquez

Frank Vasquez is a Senior Staff Firmware Engineer at Lunar Energy. He has over a decade of experience designing and building embedded Linux systems. During that time, he has shipped numerous devices including a rackmount DSP audio server, a diver-held sonar camcorder, and a consumer IoT hotspot. Before his career as an embedded Linux engineer, Frank was a database kernel developer at IBM where he worked on DB2. He lives in Silicon Valley.

  • Runtime Package Management: When, Why & How
Ida Delphine

A computer engineering student looking forward to getting into the embedded space and also passionate about open source.

  • My Outreachy Internship Experience with the Yocto Project.
Jan-Simon Möller

Jan-Simon Möller is Release Manager of the Automotive Grade Linux Project (AGL). He’s an active contributor to open source projects for over a decade. He serves on the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded boards.

  • Static Analysis with the Yocto Project
Jon Mason

Jon Mason is a Software Engineer working for Arm. Jon is an active contributor to Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded and is co-maintainer for the meta-arm layer. Also, he is a board of directors member for OpenEmbedded. Prior to his current position, he has worked on the Linux kernel and device drivers for a number of companies.

In his free time, Jon is a vocal advocate for Free and Open Source software, as well as maintains a few Linux drivers

  • Gitlab CI for dummies
Josef Holzmayr

Josef is no contriutor, neither to the Yocto Project nor OpenEmbedded. Not even to any other open source projects in a notable way. He has been know to just show up in random places, usually uninvited, and to annoy people.

Lately he has started to talk to his computer while trying to make various things work, which more often than not resulted in publicly available recordings of him failing.

  • My Outreachy Internship Experience with the Yocto Project.
  • Yocto Yoga
Joshua Watt

Joshua Watt is an Embedded Software Engineer with 12 years experience working on Marine electronics at Garmin. He has been working with the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded for the last 5 years, and is a member of the OpenEmbedded Technical Steering Committee.

  • Multiconfig Inception
Khem Raj

Khem Raj is a Linux architect at Comcast, helping several open source initiatives within the company: He is guiding the company's adoption of open source software, and becoming an active contributor to the open source components used in the RDK settop software stack. One of the most recent projects he has worked on is migrating RDK to an OpenEmbedded/Yocto-based framework for build system and embedded Linux distribution generation. He is also actively working on making the RDK community adopt the RDK framework for future TV settop devices and broadband gateways. He is a Yocto Project advisory board member, and member of the technical steering Committee for the OpenEmbedded project. He is core maintainer for several key pieces in OpenEmbedded framework, including core metadata, toolchains, and SDKs. Prior to Comcast, Khem helped Juniper migrate the Junos operating system to use embedded Linux as the base operating system.

  • How to make a case for using yocto project to your executive leadership
Leon Anavi

Leon Anavi is an open source enthusiast and a senior software engineer at Konsulko Group. He is an active contributor to various Yocto/OpenEmbedded meta layers, Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), Tizen any many other open source projects. His professional experience includes web and mobile application development for various platforms as well as porting and maintaining embedded Linux distributions to Raspberry Pi and devices with x86-64, i.MX6, NVIDIA Tegra, Rockchip and Allwinner (aka sunxi) SoC. Leon holds a masters in Information Technology from the Technical University Sofia. His previous speaking experience includes talks about open source software and hardware during events in San Francisco, San Diego, Portland (OR), Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Brussels, Lyon Berlin, Edinburgh, London, Cambridge, Bratislava, Prague, Sofia and his hometown Plovdiv.

  • Surfing on an Interactive Kiosk
Maciej Pijanowski

Maciej is currently Engineering Manager and Embedded Firmware Team Leader
at 3mdeb. He has over 5 years of experience in the Embedded Linux area.
From the beginning of his professional career, he was interested in open
source software projects. His one of the main interests was (and still is) the
Yocto Project. He enjoys contributing to various Yocto Project layers whenever possible.

  • Overview of the PPC64 targets support in Yocto Project
Paul Eggleton
  • Devtool
Paul Howard

Paul Howard is a Principal System Solutions Architect within the Architecture and Technology group at Arm, based in Cambridge UK. He leads the team within Arm that is contributing to the Parsec project.

  • Parsec - The Platform Abstraction For Security
Quentin Schulz

Quentin is an embedded Linux and Linux kernel engineer mainly working in BSP development and maintenance. He currently works at StreamUnlimited GmbH.

He has presented multiple talks at Embedded Linux Conferences and has contributed mainly to the Linux kernel and U-Boot bootloader.

His experience with Yocto Project goes from trainer, BSP maintenance, support on IRC to contributions to the documentation.

  • Demystifying the OVERRIDES mechanism and Bitbake operators
Sergio Prado

Sergio Prado has been working with embedded systems for more than 25 years, providing consulting and training services for companies worldwide. Currently, he works as a Software Team Lead at Toradex, writes on his blog at, and contributes to several free and open-source projects, including Buildroot, Yocto Project and the Linux kernel.

  • Leveraging the Yocto Project to debug an embedded Linux system
  • Designing OSTree based embedded Linux systems with the Yocto Project
Stefan Schmidt

Stefan Schmidt is a FOSS contributor for 16+ years by now. During this time he worked on different projects and different layers of the Linux ecosystem. From bootloader and Kernel over build systems for embedded to user interfaces. He was serving as technical steering committee member of OpenEmbedded during the merge with the Yocto project, helped porting a 2.6 kernel to some early smartphones and is the release manager of the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries as well as co-maintainer of the Linux IEEE 802.15.4 subsystem.

After many years as freelancer and long time member of the Samsung Open Source Group he recently joined Huawei's newly founded Open Source Technology Center.

  • Case Study: Yocto / OpenEmbedded in All Scenarios OS
Steven Walter

I am a Senior Firmware Engineer at Lexmark International working on embedded firmware for laser printers. I've been playing with Rust since before the 1.0, and professionally for the past couple years. Outside of work, I enjoy tinkering with retrocomputers like the Commodore 64, and aviation as a private pilot

  • Using rust with bitbake and meta-rust
Tomasz Żyjewski

Embedded systems engineer at 3mdeb. Right now mostly focused on the Yocto
Project and Golang. Favorite tasks are those aimed at improving the overall
performance of embedded systems such as boot time, for example.

  • Building OpenWrt with the Yocto Project
Tom King
  • Introduction to Layers, Images and more
Trevor Woerner

Trevor has been fascinated with computers ever since his very first computer, an Apple //e in 1983. He was introduced to Linux at university as part of his course work and has been using, learning, and programming Linux ever since. Trevor has been working professionally as an embedded developer since graduating from university in 2000.

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  • Closing talk
  • Yocto Project Summit Social Hour
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