My Outreachy Internship Experience with the Yocto Project.
05-26, 16:45–17:00 (UTC), Presentation Room

The Outreachy internship is a remote internship that is centered around increasing diversity in open source. The Yocto Project participated as a mentor organization for the December 2020 to March 2021 round with two projects. One of the projects being "Enhancing the Yocto Project license tracing".

This talk will be about my experience with trying to Enhance the Yocto Project license tracing.

See also: slides

A computer engineering student looking forward to getting into the embedded space and also passionate about open source.

Josef is no contriutor, neither to the Yocto Project nor OpenEmbedded. Not even to any other open source projects in a notable way. He has been know to just show up in random places, usually uninvited, and to annoy people.

Lately he has started to talk to his computer while trying to make various things work, which more often than not resulted in publicly available recordings of him failing.

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