Using debuginfod with The Yocto Project
05-25, 14:00–14:30 (UTC), Presentation Room

Debugging information is about 5 to 15 times larger than an Image, and sometimes due to memory or disk space constraints, it is not possible
to use GDB directly on the remote target to debug applications because GDB needs to load the debugging information.
Hence the need for debuginfod from "elfutils" which is a way to make debugging information available on a server for easy debug and distribution of "debuginfo" files.

In this talk we'll go through how to setup and enable "debuginfod" in your image. We'll use a build Image example to demonstrate how "debuginfod" works on the host and Target.

See also: Debuginfod with YP (1.3 MB)

Former Outreachy Intern at The Yocto Project, having graduated from the University of Uyo Nigeria, with a B.Eng in Electrical Electronics Engineering. Always eager to learn new techniques and methodologies related to Software Engineering and Embedded systems.