Building OpenWrt with the Yocto Project
05-25, 12:50–13:20 (UTC), Presentation Room

OpenWrt is an open source project for Linux-based operating systems, mainly used
on embedded devices to direct network traffic. Its development environment and
build system, known together as OpenWrt Buildroot, are based on a heavily
modified Buildroot system. However, it is possible to prepare an OpenWrt system
using the Yocto Project and meta-openwrt. In my presentation, I would like to
provide an overview of this layer.

The purpose of this presentation is to show how to prepare an OpenWrt system
with Yocto. In the beginning, the build system dedicated to OpenWrt - OpenWrt
Buildroot will be briefly described. Then, a thorough analysis of the
meta-openwrt layer will be performed. In addition to the functionalities it
provides, it will also describe open issues and the level of compatibility with
the current OpenWrt release. The presentation will end with a short useful demo,
consisting of launching the OpenWrt system built with the use of meta-openwrt on
the Raspberry Pi 4 platform.

See also: Building openwrt with Yocto - presentation v1.1 (3.5 MB)

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Project and Golang. Favorite tasks are those aimed at improving the overall
performance of embedded systems such as boot time, for example.