Leveraging the Yocto Project to debug an embedded Linux system
05-26, 12:15–12:45 (UTC), Presentation Room

There are several techniques to debug an embedded Linux system that can be applied in both user space and kernel space. Depending on the problem, you may need different tools, like addr2line for crash dump analysis, GDB for interactive debugging, ftrace for kernel tracing, valgring to catch memory-related issues, gprof for application profiling, etc. In this talk, we will learn how the Yocto Project can help and improve the experience of the developer when debugging an embedded Linux system.

In this talk, I will cover:

  1. The main challenges on debugging embedded Linux systems
  2. Yocto Project tools and techniques that can help and improve the experience when debugging the Linux kernel and user-space applications.
  3. Hands-on on common situations like leveraging the toolchain to do core dump analysis, a live remote GDB session, application profiling, etc.
See also: Presentation Slides (814.8 KB)

Sergio Prado has been working with embedded systems for more than 25 years, providing consulting and training services for companies worldwide. Currently, he works as a Software Team Lead at Toradex, writes on his blog at embeddedbits.org, and contributes to several free and open-source projects, including Buildroot, Yocto Project and the Linux kernel.

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