Planète Concrète

Planète Concrète is an open universe staged by strange / loving creatures. Sonic Discoveries. Making new prostheses. Writing lyrics. Playing a new beat, Queering light sources and self built generators are the main instruments of of this pink noise constellation. They improvise, cover their active repertoire or prepare a ready-made karaoke. Nothing can be expected when they convocate various previously starred characters: Kippenberger, Kaoss Flower, Ground Ivy3.0, Poubelle, Av-net, Vinkenhart, Polly Petrol, A.Z, gender funky fuck, Moon Virgo, So White,.... A performative trip through inner and outer space. Perceive what you believe.


(305) [EN] A Sonic Journey to the Future
Planète Concrète, r∆∆dio c∆∆rgo, spideralex
A sonic journey to, a feminist server, Ondes Sauvages, futurotopias with readings, creative writing, instrument demos, tuning exercises using an online open source software platform to connect, transmit and be present in the electromagnetic waves. Feminist techno-speculative soundtelling, fiction and design gestures towards a set of geographies of the imaginary, allows us to reconsider and reshape technologies processes, institutions, devices, knowledge, bodies and artifacts...
room 19