(137) [EN] Making a Tech Zine
08-27, 15:00–16:30 (Europe/Berlin), room 4
Language: English

In this workshop we will look into tech zines as a utopian knowledge transfer format for 2048, where making skills accessible and fun to learn will be the ultimate game! During our online meeting, participants will think of a technology problem they would like to understand better and together we will break it down to smaller steps and try to visualize them with sketches and schemes. Our inspiration will be female computer zine makers, along with my encryption and VPN zines fueled by my experience in feminist tech gatherings.

Target audience

Einsteiger*innen in das Thema, Menschen mit Vorwissen zum Thema, Menschen, die bereits intensiv zum Thema arbeiten




Digitalität, Skills für die Zukunft


90 min (1 Slot)





Feminist, late comer in tech with a background in arts, she has worked
for various internet jobs and projects. Currently she creates
educational manuals for secure networks, and contributes to
anarchaserver and systerserver. She is from and based in Athens, but
also at mastodon: mara@systerserver.town. Her tech zines collection is
at zines.cucu.gr