Erick Chacon

Erick is an expert in digital financial transactions, he has participated in digital banking projects, electronic money, digital wallets, digital international remittances, digital credit, several insurtech projects, and one of the most recent has been the implementation of a Bitcoin payment processor.

He is a technology development consultant for companies in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Central America and the Caribbean. He is also Co-Founder of two fintech startups. He is also a founding member and president of the Salvadoran Association of Financial Technology ASAFINTECH.


Bitcoin Country: Competitive advantage through bitcoin-friendly regulation
Chris Hunter, Daniel Leiva Fortín, Peter Young, Francis Pouliot, Erick Chacon

Are the regulations in El Salvador Bitcoin-friendly? What are the advantages of establishing a company in El Salvador? What should regulators focus on to improve the odds of companies choosing El Salvador as a base?

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