Bitcoin Country: Competitive advantage through bitcoin-friendly regulation
11-16, 14:15–14:55 (America/El_Salvador), Bitfinex Stage
Language: English

Are the regulations in El Salvador Bitcoin-friendly? What are the advantages of establishing a company in El Salvador? What should regulators focus on to improve the odds of companies choosing El Salvador as a base?


Bitcoin TV:

Chris Hunter is Co-Founder of Galoy and Bitcoin Beach Wallet, and co-organizer of the Adopting Bitcoin Lightning Summit. Galoy builds open source Bitcoin banking infrastructure and developed the Bitcoin Beach Wallet, the world’s largest community-owned Bitcoin bank. Hunter is an active investor (Angel, Seed and Series A rounds) in the Bitcoin, fintech, psychedelic and renewable energy sectors. Prior to founding Galoy, he served as a Global executive who founded, led and successfully exited venture-backed companies in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver and Vancouver.

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Daniel is the Fintech associate in El Salvador of Consortium Legal, the largest law firm in Central America with over 200 lawyers in the region and 8 offices strategically located in the five countries of the region and a multi-generational team.

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Peter is managing director of the Free Cities Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that promotes the development of autonomous cities aligned to libertarian principles. He sees financial infrastructure based on Bitcoin as key to making the foundation’s vision for Free Private Cities a reality. Peter is interested in the Austrian School of Economics and Bitcoin, and has partnerships with businesses operating in these fields. These include Austrian wealth management firm Incrementum AG, online Austrian Economics learning platform and bitcoin technology company Blockstream. Peter’s work at Blockstream has included producing content explaining how Liquid and Lightning serve as complementary layer-2 scaling solutions for Bitcoin. Prior to taking on his role at the Free Private Cities Foundation, Peter lived in China and worked in roles at the Connected Places Catapult and British Embassy in Beijing.

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The CEO and Founder of Bull Bitcoin Francis Pouliot is a full-time Bitcoin entrepreneur, researcher and industry spokesperson since 2013. He is a builder of financial software and services for Bitcoin. Francis defines himself as Cypherpunk Bitcoin Maximalist, formerly free-market economist.

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Erick is an expert in digital financial transactions, he has participated in digital banking projects, electronic money, digital wallets, digital international remittances, digital credit, several insurtech projects, and one of the most recent has been the implementation of a Bitcoin payment processor.

He is a technology development consultant for companies in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Central America and the Caribbean. He is also Co-Founder of two fintech startups. He is also a founding member and president of the Salvadoran Association of Financial Technology ASAFINTECH.