Stina Liland

Stina Liland is COO at Bitrefill, the largest crypto e-commerce platform in the world. Stina was a co-founder of Startup Norway/Startup Extreme and former Nordic Program Manager for Venture Capital firm 500 Startups and has an extensive track record in the startup and venture capital scene. She was orange-pilled by Bitrefills inspiring mission to create a bitcoin circular economy. Managing the company’s global operations, she has been following and contributing to the exciting national bitcoin adoption process from the frontline as an important part of the team responsible for the expansion and investment of Bitrefills continuing focused efforts in El Salvador.


Adoption Progress In El Salvador
Peter Young, Guillermo Contreras, Stina Liland, Tristan Thoma, Will Hernandez

What are some key learnings of El Salvador's bitcoin adoption journey? What happened in a year, looking back what should have been done better or differently?

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