Adoption Progress In El Salvador
11-15, 09:20–10:00 (America/El_Salvador), Bitfinex Stage
Language: English

What are some key learnings of El Salvador's bitcoin adoption journey? What happened in a year, looking back what should have been done better or differently?


Bitcoin TV:

Peter is managing director of the Free Cities Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that promotes the development of autonomous cities aligned to libertarian principles. He sees financial infrastructure based on Bitcoin as key to making the foundation’s vision for Free Private Cities a reality. Peter is interested in the Austrian School of Economics and Bitcoin, and has partnerships with businesses operating in these fields. These include Austrian wealth management firm Incrementum AG, online Austrian Economics learning platform and bitcoin technology company Blockstream. Peter’s work at Blockstream has included producing content explaining how Liquid and Lightning serve as complementary layer-2 scaling solutions for Bitcoin. Prior to taking on his role at the Free Private Cities Foundation, Peter lived in China and worked in roles at the Connected Places Catapult and British Embassy in Beijing.

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Mimo is a Software architect and entrepreneur and the CEO of DitoBanx - a bitcoin neo-bank for the unbanked in Latin America. He started his first company 20 years ago and has been managing high performance dev teams for the last 11 years. Currently, he is serving as president for the Official Salvadorian Bitcoin & Blockchain cluster that brings together 40+ companies that are operating in El Salvador and also President of Tech committee of Salvadorian Chamber of Commerce that represents 2500+ SMBs. He is also a Fintech advocate and very experienced in regulatory frameworks in Latin America. His vision is to create a new financial system built on top of bitcoin.

Stina Liland is COO at Bitrefill, the largest crypto e-commerce platform in the world. Stina was a co-founder of Startup Norway/Startup Extreme and former Nordic Program Manager for Venture Capital firm 500 Startups and has an extensive track record in the startup and venture capital scene. She was orange-pilled by Bitrefills inspiring mission to create a bitcoin circular economy. Managing the company’s global operations, she has been following and contributing to the exciting national bitcoin adoption process from the frontline as an important part of the team responsible for the expansion and investment of Bitrefills continuing focused efforts in El Salvador.

Tristan Thoma is AlphaPoint’s Director of Product, Government & Payments. His work leading El Salvador's Chivo project focuses on improving wallet stability, uptime, scalability and overall social impact, with an end-goal of accelerating the country's Bitcoin adoption.

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Will Hernandez is a NC graduate in Business and Financial Economics from Methodist University and passionate about the solutions Bitcoin brings to the world. He's doing his part at Paxful as Business Development and Growth Manager by providing support in financial inclusion and helping to create more solutions based on Bitcoin for the 100%. When he's not opening the eyes of people of all ages, showing them how Bitcoin can help fix many problems, he likes to play football, and even played NCAA soccer.