Comeback Country - Movie Screening and Q&A
11-15, 19:00–19:30 (America/El_Salvador), Bitfinex Stage
Language: English

Learn the brutal and beautiful history of El Salvador in just 11 minutes and you'll understand why it's the comeback story of a lifetime!

Learn about El Salvador's civil war, gang war, Bukele and Bitcoin in a short and engaging film.


Here is what people have to say:

"Nothing but the truth"

"Hard to watch at first but turned out to be beautiful"

"I cried tears of happiness"

"Wow the whole history in a few minutes"

"Absolutely incredible and inspirational"

"Oh god... amazing film... the way Bitcoin gives hope makes me cry tears of joy"

A Bitcoiner, storyteller and filmmaker. Inspired by the people and beauty of El Salvador, Bitcoin Shooter produced the 11 minute short film He personally interviewed, filmed, edited, funded and distributed the film to inspire people to visit El Salvador.

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