Why Film is the Best Educator + How to Make an Inspiring Bitcoin Film
11-16, 14:00–14:30 (America/El_Salvador), Auditorium
Language: English

Learn why film and storytelling is the best vehicle for communicating and inspiring people. Learn my process and ask me any questions you have so you can produce better quality videos and films.

Topics covered:
-Why Film is The Most Powerful Tool On Earth
-How Storytelling is Engrained in Our DNA
-The Anatomy of a Great Story
-How to Get an Inspiring Interview
-How to Weave Bitcoin Into Your Film
-How to Source Music and Other Material
-Equipment, Software and Settings I Use
-Anything Else You Want to Know!


Bitcoin TV:

A Bitcoiner, storyteller and filmmaker. Inspired by the people and beauty of El Salvador, Bitcoin Shooter produced the 11 minute short film ComebackCountry.com. He personally interviewed, filmed, edited, funded and distributed the film to inspire people to visit El Salvador.

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