Meatspace merchant adoption - Learnings from Bitcoin Jungle in Costa Rica
11-15, 12:20–12:50 (America/El_Salvador), Bitfinex Stage
Language: English

Bitcoin Jungle managed to onboard many merchants to bitcoin in just a few weeks! This panel will discuss how they went about it, and the impact it has on bitcoiners living in Costa Rica.


Bitcoin TV:

Lee is a software engineer and entrepreneur with nearly 15 years of experience. He started his career building websites and apps for local businesses in 2008. After moving to Boulder, Colorado in 2012 he worked as a software engineer for the nation’s largest Disaster Response Management System (, used by the American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and United Way Worldwide. In 2014, he founded Gingr (, a Pet Care Management System used by 2,000+ dog kennels, daycares, groomers and trainers all over the world. By 2020, Gingr achieved $20 million in Annual Recurring Revenue and processed $1 billion in payments. Gingr was acquired by GI Partners in San Francisco ( after which Lee moved to Costa Rica with his wife and son. Today, Lee is passionate about empowering local people and businesses to become early adopters in the greatest technology mankind has ever devised.

The CEO and Founder of Bull Bitcoin Francis Pouliot is a full-time Bitcoin entrepreneur, researcher and industry spokesperson since 2013. He is a builder of financial software and services for Bitcoin. Francis defines himself as Cypherpunk Bitcoin Maximalist, formerly free-market economist.

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Richard has been a serial entrepreneur since his early twenties. In Hong Kong he was instrumental in the adoption of Automated External Defibrillators into the wider community. He created Emergency first aid teams for adventure races, and worked on many of Hong Kong’s trail races. On top of this he was a pioneering trekking guide in Western China. Richard began investing in crypto currencies in 2017 and has now created Jungle Academy, a school in Costa Rica that runs on a Bitcoin standard and was the catalyst for the Bitcoin Jungle Project. Richard has a degree in Philosophy and a Master’s Degree in Chinese Studies.