Wolf Vollprecht

Wolf Vollprecht is a Technical Director at QuantStack. QuantStack is a small open source software consulting company that mostly works on scientific open source software.
Wolf spends most of his time working on the mamba package manager, and as part of the conda-forge core team. Mamba is a fast, cross-platform and language agnostic package manager that works with conda packages.


Welcome + Keynote
Wolf Vollprecht, Todd Gamblin, Steven! Ragnarök, Matthias Meschede

Wolf will welcome everyone and say a couple of words about PackagingCon and how we are going and how the virutal conference is going to work


Todd Gamblin, Steven! Ragnarök and Matthias Meschede are going to talk about "The Taxonomy of Package Managers" – expect a fun talk about the history of package management and an overview of the different species of package managers out there

Room I
Panel: Package Manager Convergence: What Stands in the Way?
Wolf Vollprecht, Todd Gamblin, Ludovic Courtès, Joshua Lock, Andrew Nesbitt

We’ve managed to bring all of you together from different package manager communities, but can we also bring the package managers you work on together? Is there room for one package manager to rule them all, or will package management always be a very domain-centric activity? If it does, is that good or bad?

Room I
conda-forge, (lib)mamba & libsolv: universal and reusable parts
Wolf Vollprecht

This talk introduces conda-forge (a community led collection of recipes for Windows, macOS and Linux), the mamba package manager which works cross-platform and independent of any language and the parts that make it up (libsolv and librepo). Furthermore, we will demonstrate how libmamba can be used to create bindings to mamba or specialized package managers, for example for plugin management in applications.

Deep Dives
Room 2