PyCon LT 2022

Hacking a Python Compiler, a Game Engine and Some Other Dark Magic to Build a Pythonic Online Learn to Code Tool for Kids
05-27, 11:30–12:30 (Europe/Vilnius), Workshop Room

We decided to make a coding cool for the young generation … and created a modern gamelike online tool for kids to explore programming. In this talk we’ll talk about the bumpy road we had during this fantastic journey. Morally, the mission was about modernising the approach to teach coding. Technically, it threw us on a neck breaking adventure from hacking a compiler to writing a high scalability SaaS platform to making Python wrappers around 2D JS game engine to writing serverless lambda functions on Azure and what not.

We’ll share the details about the educational goals we set ourselves as well as some juicy technical bits.

Please, feel free to try the online learn to code tool Angis we’ve built during this journey (Note: we’ve hacked the Python into supporting Lithuanian, so it’s all Lithuanian by default, but the code editor supports English too).

About the speakers:

Gedas Lukšas - software developer who's also passionate about learning and teaching.

Mantas Urbonas - Mantas - Visma Lietuva CEO and one of the key people behind project Angis.

What topics define your talk the best?

python, open source, best practices

I'm a software developer who loves learning and teaching.

I started coding with ZX-Spectrum, and ever since I see the world from the eyes of a programmer. Despite years in business and leadership, I passionately enjoy being in the zone with C++, Java, Typescript and good object-oriented design.