PyCon LT 2022

Python Handbook for schools
05-27, 14:00–14:30 (Europe/Vilnius), Workshop Room

The great learning experience is a stepping stone to becoming a professional in your field. All you need to have is good motivation and a proper toolset. Having first steps in the right direction is crucial for a successful career and we’re here to help future developers.

This talk will introduce you to the latest tool we all were looking for.

The IT sector is thriving, but it still can’t get enough students interested in it. First impressions are often the most important, so maybe the tools are at fault? How can you be interested in the field if you are overwhelmed with over-complicated syntax or a 3 centuries-old toolset at your first and most important steps? After some investigation and analysis, we created a new project, “Angis” - an online free-to-use learning platform based on the amazing beginner-friendly programming language Python. So after a successful project, the next step is to have a proper textbook for students in their native language.

Lead developer in the international team, working with big data projects. He’s also a great mentor to his peers and always happy to lend a hand to his colleagues. Leading a team in this project was quite a journey and he’s looking forward to helping future developers find their inspiration.