Long time mapper who tried mostly everything. Mapping local area and where I traveled doing surveys. Mapping cycling and hiking routes. Mapping all bus stops in Belgium and the buses and trams itineraries. Did a bit of HOT mapping and validating as well. I'm proofreading Weekly OSM in several languages and editing some of the articles, as I would be reading them anyway.

Contributed over half a million pictures to Mapillary and this summer that number will increase tremendously, as I found a new job auditing cycle "highway" infrastructure in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium.

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Mapping public transport and cycling itineraries using JOSM's PT_Assistant plugin

The PT_Assistant plugin has been developed over the past 3 summers as a GSoC project. It will probably see further development this summer. During this workshop, you can learn how PT_Assistant can help you to map itineraries for public transport, cycling and hiking. Interactively if you bring a computer with Java installed on it.

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