Bruce Ashfield

Bruce has been working professionally with Linux since 2000, and a user since
1995. He currently works as a Principal Systems Engineer for Xilinx, spending
time as maintainer for the Yocto project reference kernel, meta-virtualization
and meta-cloud-service slayers. Although most of Bruce's effort is spent in the
kernel and virtualization, his experience ranges from build systems and shell
scripting, to userspace and graphics toolkits. Bruce has spoken at ELC in the
past, at internal conferences/showcases and technology presentations to smaller


Gitlab CI for dummies
Jon Mason, Bruce Ashfield

An overview of Gitlab CI and a number of different ways it can be used for building and testing layers in Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded

Intermediate Track
Presentation Room
Building and deploying containers with meta-virtualization: now & in the future
Bruce Ashfield

The meta-virtualization layer has been providing core virtualization and
container support to the OpenEmbedded community since 2012.

This talk will cover the diverse set of container runtimes and supporting
components that are part of the layer. Support from very small / simple
containers is possible, extending all the way to safe / secure VM based
container hybrids.

The presentation will start with a brief overview of the container runtime
options, and how they map to typical requirements. The supporting components
(networking, composition, etc) and how they integrate into larger orchestration
frameworks will also be covered.

The talk will then focus on how building an OCI (Open Container Initiative)
image directly from meta-virtualization is possible, and how such a container
can be deployed/managed using current support. It will also touch on the
recently added k3s (lightweight kubernetes) and how it has driven new
development to ease the deployment of frameworks.

Finally, upcoming meta-virtualization efforts to enhance container development
and deployment will be covered.

Intermediate Track
Presentation Room
linux-yocto reference kernel maintenance and kernel workflows
Bruce Ashfield

The linux-yocto reference kernel is part of OE core and provides a stable
and tested set of targets (simulated and hardware) as part of each release.

This talk will discuss why the reference kernel is important (even in an
environment of many vendor, board and custom kernels) and what it provides
to the project.

Additionally, the tooling and workflows that have been developed since the
reference was first introduced will be presented. Specific attention will be
paid to how both production builds and development/extension of the kernel are
supported. How the tooling eases maintenance and security of 6 architectures
over 12+ BSPs and multiple releases will be illustrated through examples and
workflow descriptions. Finally, Kernel configuration management and auditing will
be covered as a topic as part of workflow discussions and how they can be
used across many kernels/versions and for developing consistent/new BSPs.

Intermediate Track
Presentation Room