Gitlab CI for dummies
05-26, 18:45–19:15 (UTC), Presentation Room

An overview of Gitlab CI and a number of different ways it can be used for building and testing layers in Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded

While the Yocto Project has the autobuilder, individual layers do not have access to this. With Gitlab CI, corporations and individual developers have the ability to have something similar. In this session, we will go into detail about the individual parts of a Gitlab CI configuration, how some users are using it, and how an individual might set it up and run it for their own layer.

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Jon Mason is a Software Engineer working for Arm. Jon is an active contributor to Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded and is co-maintainer for the meta-arm layer. Also, he is a board of directors member for OpenEmbedded. Prior to his current position, he has worked on the Linux kernel and device drivers for a number of companies.

In his free time, Jon is a vocal advocate for Free and Open Source software, as well as maintains a few Linux drivers

Bruce has been working professionally with Linux since 2000, and a user since
1995. He currently works as a Principal Systems Engineer for Xilinx, spending
time as maintainer for the Yocto project reference kernel, meta-virtualization
and meta-cloud-service slayers. Although most of Bruce's effort is spent in the
kernel and virtualization, his experience ranges from build systems and shell
scripting, to userspace and graphics toolkits. Bruce has spoken at ELC in the
past, at internal conferences/showcases and technology presentations to smaller

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