First pretalx release – 0.1.0!

Nov. 1, 2017

pretalx has just matured enough to reach its first release version – v0.1.0 is here, and you can now install pretalx
with as little as a pip install pretalx!

After eight months of intense development, and having been used by at least two finished and one ongoing event, we think
pretalx is ready to have regular releases, although we will keep them zero-based for now.

Releases are great! Every release will be tested, easily installable via pip, and comes with a verifiable signature!
You can find further details on our security page. We will also provide changelogs and upgrade notices, of

Open source

pretalx is an open source project, and aims to fulfill the highest standards of
open source projects. Therefor, we'd like to first off thank all contributors to pretalx so far – Raphael Michel, luto,
TabascoEye, momo, and Jonas Große Sundrup. Thank you for your help and support!

If you are using pretalx, we'd like to ask you to contribute to pretalx development – this may be by doing as little as
reporting bugs and issues with our
documentation, proposing new features, or describing difficulties in using pretalx.
We're always happy to improve pretalx, and we cannot do so without your help!

Custom development

We have a lot of ambitious ideas for pretalx, and if you feel the same way – come talk to us (erm,
write, that is)! We'd be happy to talk things over, and look forward to your ideas.

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