Releasing pretalx v0.2.1!

Dec. 6, 2017

Another milestone reached – we have our first patch release with several minor bug fixes. (And even a little feature.)


pretalx now has better meta tags, which leads to better display in social media, especially Twitter and facebook.

Bug fixes

Software is rarely done and never perfect, so we had to fix a small amount of bugs in our 0.2.0 release (adding the
appropriate tests, of course, so that we'll be able to release the next patch release for entirely new bugs instead of
boring old ones).

  • Inactive questions could not be deleted (making them active first worked as a workaround).
  • Choice questions could not be deleted as long as they still had answer options.
  • Review team invitations sometimes failed, resulting in useless invitations hanging around.
  • When clicking the "Save & next" button when reviewing, an internal error was encountered after the review was saved.
  • Reviewers could not be removed from their team.
  • URLs were always generated with 'localhost' as their host.
  • When adding a submission in the orga backend with an orga user as speaker, the orga user did not receive a speaker profile.

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