Releasing pretalx v0.6.0

May 6, 2018

pretalx has just been released with version v0.6.0, and we're getting close to a big 1.0 release!

We'd like to thank our contributors Jahongir Rahmonov, Michael Lutonsky, and Raphael Michel for their ongoing
contributions, as well as our first time contributors Boris Morisson, Leah Oswald, Markus Otto, and Raphaël Vinot for
joining the effort.

As always, you can see a detailed list of our updates and bug fixes in our CHANGELOG.

Organisers and Teams

As pretalx is now over a year old, people start to re-use their pretalx instances for their second event. This brought
up the fact that up until now, pretalx had no concept of any connection between events, every event stood on its own. To
reduce administrative overhead, we have introduced Organisers and Teams (groups of people with the same permission
each). Team permissions can either be granted for one event, a set of events, or all events of an organiser including
future events, which is great if you have a stable team and don't want to re-create teams every year.

On upgrading, pretalx will generate organisers and teams to match your current setup as conservatively as
possible, to grant nobody permissions they should not have. Please check the teams pretalx generated to see if you want
to handle anything differently!

Event creation

We took the time to improve event creation at the same time, introducing a multi-step assistant to make event creation
as quick and painless as possible. If you have the matching permissions, you can event choose to copy configuration
parts from previous events, although you should of course double-check the copied settings afterwards!

Current events

pretalx is steadily approaching a 1.0 release – we still have some features we want to introduce before then, though, so
stay tuned! If you want to see a new feature in pretalx, please tell
, and don't forget to vote on issus by clicking the thumbs-up button,
so that we can see which issues are more heavily requested than others!

As for real events, since the last release pretalx was used for EasterHegg 2018
and GPN18. If you use pretalx or spot pretalx in the wild, please tell us
about it!

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