Releasing pretalx v0.7.0

June 19, 2018

pretalx has just been released with version v0.7.0, and we're hoping to release our big 1.0 release before the year is

First off, we'd like to thank our contributors Jahongir Rahmonov, Michael Lutonsky, Raphael Michel, Akos Hochrein, Pepi
Zawodsky, Sebastian Reimers, and Jakob Schnell for their contributions – pretalx is much better thanks to your efforts.

As always, you can see a detailed list of our updates and bug fixes in our Release

Offline mode

We all know that both event networks and event related servers can be finicky. That's why pretalx now comes with an
offline mode, using JavaScript Service Workers. If you have ever visited the schedule of an event, and then try to visit
it again while the server is not reachable (be it due to a slow connection or a broken server), you will see a locally
cached version instead of your browser's error page. (Please note that JavaScript has to be active when viewing the
schedule for this to work.)

So the next time you sit in a talk at a conference, and you know you'd need to step outside to have a decent
connection and look up the next talks, fear not, pretalx is with you even when the internet isn't!

Organiser navigation

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to shape your event the way you want – this is why pretalx comes with a lot
of settings and tools you can choose to use or ignore. Even when trying our best, it could take several clicks to find
the information or setting you were looking for, so we introduced a navigation, which you can use to go to exactly the
page you wanted to go!

Sneak peeks

Scheduling can be a major headache, and you may have to wait for a lot of speakers to confirm their talks and submit
their availability ("Every day, but only between 2pm and 4pm!") until you can publish your first schedule. But since
people may decide for or against their attendance based on your lineup, pretalx now offers you a "sneek peak" option!
You can select the talks you want to highlight, and show them to your attendees, way before you're done with all the
scheduling you have to do.

Current events

pretalx is steadily approaching a 1.0 release – we still have some features we want to introduce before then, though, so
stay tuned! If you want to see a new feature in pretalx, please tell
, and don't forget to vote on issus by clicking the thumbs-up button,
so that we can see which issues are more heavily requested than others!

As for real events, since the last release pretalx was used for OsmoCon 2018.
If you use pretalx or spot pretalx in the wild, please tell us about it!

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