Releasing pretalx v0.8.0

23. September 2018

After a long summer break of three months, we're happy to announce pretalx v0.8.0.

First off, we'd like to thank our contributors Michael Lutonsky, Raphael Michel, Pepi Zawodsky (for terrific issue reports), and Dominik Helle for their contributions – pretalx is much better thanks to your efforts. Special thanks go to Stéphane Parunakian, who single-handedly introduced the French translation for pretalx – merci!

As always, you can see a detailed list of our updates and bug fixes in our Release Notes.

Settings, settings, settings

<img src="/a/assets/2018-09-23-release-pretalx-v0.8.0/settings.png">
The new CfP configuration matrix

pretalx is in use in a wild variety of events, which makes more settings the best way to integrate with all sorts of events. A long-requested feature allows organisers to decide exactly which things to request and which to require of prospective speakers. Some conferences absolutely need both a short and a long talk description, while others don't require either of those.

To improve the organiser's control over the requested data, you can now also limit the amount of text you want to receive. This both saves you from unsolicited novels in your submission process, and allows you have a smoother experience when integrating talk descriptions in your printed programme, or on a length-sensitive website, or on Twitter.

French translation

pretalx now comes with a third language in addition to English and German: French! This contribution is very close to our heart, as making pretalx available and accessible to more people is the best improvement we can wish for. In addition, there are now fewer wrinkles in our translation workflow – so if you want to see pretalx in your native language, please get in touch!

Upgrade notes

If you run your own pretalx instance, there are a couple of points you should take note of regarding this upgrade:

  • pretalx now doesn’t use usernames any longer – as email addresses were already required for accounts, they are now the only means of logging in. This may confuse a few users – as an administrator, you can look up users’ email addresses if they don’t remember them, or change them, if necessary.
  • The URLs for schedule exports have changed from /myevent/schedule/export?exporter=exportername to /myevent/schedule/export/exportername – if you have hardcoded links to schedule exporters, please update them accordingly. This change was necessary to make exports work in the static HTML export, too.
  • The event logo is displayed larger and up to the full width of the image (or the website). Please check that your events still look as intended after upgrading.

Current events

pretalx is steadily approaching a 1.0 release – we still have some features we want to introduce before then, though, so stay tuned! If you want to see a new feature in pretalx, please tell us, and don't forget to vote on issus by clicking the thumbs-up button, so that we can see which issues are more heavily requested than others!

As for real events, since the last release pretalx was used for EuroSciPy, Podstock, and MRMCD. If you use pretalx or spot pretalx in the wild, please tell us about it!