Releasing pretalx v2023.1.3 (bugfix release)

Sept. 17, 2023

Just a short note: We just released v2023.1.3, a bugfix release for v2023.1.x.

It contains mostly bug fixes for events with many (or new!) languages active at the same time. Additionally, there were some remaining rough spots in the new schedule editor, which are now also fixed. We'd like to thank all users of pretalx who helped to report, track down, and even resolve these bugs! You can have a look at the full list of fixed bugs in our changelog.

(If you paid attention to our new versioning scheme, you may ask what happened to v2023.1.1 and v2023.1.2. Both are also available to install, but there was one bug still unresolved in v2023.1.1, and v2023.1.2 was published erroneously with the same contents as the previous release – so just skip those two, if you're running your own pretalx instance, and install v2023.1.3 directly.)

All changes are of course already available to users of – where two events with many, many active languages helped find and resolve these bugs!